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     Dandong Xin Sheng Paper Machinery Co., Ltd located in Dandong city which is the most beautiful frontier city. Here we are close to Danda highway, 10 km away from Dadonggang port, and 10 km from Dandong airport where the land, sea and air transportation is very convenient. Here the climate is pleasant and scenery is good, we can see the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over the Yalu River. The advantageous location and the rapid development of urban industrial situation has brought good prospects to us.……            [More]
  Address:Qianyang Industrial Development Zone, Dandong
Manager:DingYiChun 8613019696518
Sales manager:LISA LEE 8618641582598
Email:[email protected]     
               [email protected]

Dandong Xin Sheng Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

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